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Hey From Wisconsin

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Hi, My Names Chach And I Am Some What New To The Router World
I Say Some What, Because I Purchased A Router A Year Ago And
Don.t Know Where To Start.

I Own A 125 Year Old Farm House That I Have Slowly Been Remudeling With My Husband. We Have 3 17 Year Olds In The
House So We Are Busy.

Hope To Here And Learn Lots From You Guys.
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Welcome to Look forward to talking about routers with you.
Hello chach and welcome to the router forum. It's nice to have another lady on the forum. We have a few active women on the forum from time to time. If you have three 17 yr. old teenagers I feel for you. I doubt that you will have time to do any routing, but good luck. There are a lot of guys here, and some are even experienced woodworkers. :D All are willing to help and answer your questions. Just remember "There are no dumb questions". Ask away, and jump in any time.

Welcome Chach! You need a place to start? How about this?
This simple table is a great first project. Enjoy!
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