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Hey, I am from Norway

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I am female, 1960 modell. My experiense with woodworking came came quit late in my life, in school we girls just touched the subject woodworking. I am therefore no exspert in woodworking, mainly I have used my time to maintenance work on my house. It is just recently I have begun routing and hobby woodworking. And it is fun!

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Welcome to the forums mbsn. Glad to have another female join our group. Woodworking is a great hobby to have, and routing can be fun.
Hey, glad you decided to join our community! Feel free to browse the forums and read over the large wealth of knowledge RouterForums has to offer.

Great to have you in the forum. I was just in your country last month for some training down in the town of Horten. Beautiful country.

Hope the forum is helpful to you!
Hi May-Brith, welcome to the forum. This is a great place to learn from great guys and gals. I used to live in Iceland and often wished I could have visited Norway. I live in Western Canada and I hear that Norway is very similar to where I live. Maybe I'll get there one day....I'm a bit older than you, born in I'm starting even later than you on woodworking....just been at it about one year.....

Have fun and be safe.....:)

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