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Hey Steven, question about your Kreg Fence...

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You have caused me to become courious about your issue with the way that the Kreg Fence automatically squares itself tot he table top Again, I only learn by asking, so her goes. I believe that you said that you have several jigs that you use and so I assume that the issue of having your fence square is required for the jigs to work properly.

My first thought is, unless the jig requires that it rides in a miter slsot, what difference does it make if the fence is square or not? Help me out here if I'm missing something and I may well be doing so. I'm only visuallzing.

The the jigs do indeed use the miter slot then it seems to me that the issue is that the fence be parallel with with miter slot which should of course be square with the fence, but necessarily square with the the table all lthough the best case scenario would be that all three item be square with each other.

Since I have an Incra Router Table mounted betseen the rails on my TS, that is the only set up that I am familiar. With a little puttzing around I have no problem squaring the fence to the table top. I have t admit that I have not had an occasion to be sure that the miter slot is square with the fence, I only assume that it is due to the way it was cut, which should have made it square with the table.

I'd like to know from you how your jigs actually work and what I am missing in my thinking above. These issues or subjects are very interesting to e as I do most of my planning by visualization. By the way, such thinking often works well in theory, often is does not work in reality as Harry will attest to. I suspect that he has often gotten a harty chuckle with some ot the thngs that I have run my him. The good news is that I have learned from my errosrs, I still like to visualize and do projects in my head. This has been especially so during the past two years while I have been bed ridden.

The good news is that in the past couple of weeks I have become very interested again in woodworking. Up untill now I have felt so bad that I have had no interest in at all, maybe this renewed interest is a sign of getting well. I know that my interestin the forum has returned.

Looking forward to comments on this thead,

Jerry, the reble rouser
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