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Hey y'all

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I am a semi-retired cabinetmaker from Texas. A few years back I built a sawmill so I could cut my own lumber.
I started making log furniture out of the scraps and offcuts. I've learned some new tricks with a router since that
time and I thought I knew them all. I look forward to seeing how others are using this most basic of woodworking
tools to perform new and unique tasks.


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Welcome to the forum, Brian.
Welcome aboard
Hello and welcome to the router forum Brian
Welcome to the forum, Brian! When you get a minute go ahead and complete your profile with first name. Looks better than N/a...

That's a neat rig you've built. You can post photos of your work here if you like.

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Welcome to the forum Brian ;)
Welcome to the forum.
Glad you joined the fun! I really like that jig. Doing square cuts on rough wood is a real trick. Looking forward to more posts.
Welcome to the Router Forums. Your mill looks like it would be fun to play with.
Wow! Fantastic machine you've built there, Brian. Very slick.
Pictures of your sawmill as well would be great if you have any(?).
Have you considered hooking up a chip collection system?
Great intro, looking forward to future posts.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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