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This message is to all of you Visitors... :)

When I see who are on-line, I always see a good number of Visitors...
(just hiding behind the curtain :) )

I think you like what you see...
I think you're getting needed help by just 'reading'...
I think that you probably have some questions but may be too shy to ask...

I'm sure there are other things I've missed... :)

I'd like to see you in the "members" section instead, so I can see who is here. :)
I'd like to be able to meet you and share your interests, along with the others. :)
I'd like to hear your questions... no matter how dumb you may think they are. :)
I'd like to see you get directed help from the overall group. :)

It doesn't cost anything to be a member...
Why not just register, become a member, and join-in on the fun?!

I think the overall membership would agree with my thinking and share my views.

Thank you for listening...
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Not open for further replies.