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I am new to this site. I join this site to try and and pick up some tips and improve my router skills . I own 3 routers ( 2 black &deckers and 1 ryobi plunge router)and a ryobi router table. I mostly build replicas of trucks and equipment, but i am starting to build some furniture and other projects that require me to use my routers.
Ilive in east Texas and woodworking is a hobby that enjoy when I am not working at my regular job.
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Hi crolf

I also build toy trucks and equipment , I talk about Grizzly tools all the time but they have some great toy plans you may want to take a look at ... :)
Just for kicks, I have made some of them and they are great plans.

Bj :)
Hi there crolf. Welcome to the forums. Maybe sometime you could post some pics of your trucks and equipment for us. We are always glad to see others work. Be ''SAFE" and enjoy your hobby.
Hey crolf, welcome to
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