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Hi all!

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My name is Jessica and my husband and I own a sign shop in Nevada. We are very new to the engraving and sign industry and we have learned a lot! We bought this business in the beginning of this year and this forum is going to help us learn even more!:smile:
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Hello and welcome the the router forum,Jessica
Welcome to the forum Jessica.
Welcome! If you understand that the capital O doesn't sit like an egg on the baseline, you will be ahead of many.
Welcome to the forum, Jessica! When you get a minute complete your profile with your first name so it will clear the N/a in the left panel. You can add your location to your profile, as well, 'cause we won't remember Nevada after this post.

Got any photos of your shop? We like photos. You can also add in your signature line a link to your shop. That way it will show in each post.

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Welcome to the forum. Best to you in the business.
Hi Jessica,

Pretty brave of you to take on a business. To me that's one of the more exciting things to do in lift, although it becomes pretty all consuming before long. I take it you're already familiar with CNC. I always have to search for it, but there's a string on this site that talks about making money with CNC. It started as a marketing discussion, but several of our best CNC people jumped in with specific information that you might find useful. Here's the link:
Hi Jessica. If you are making signs and aren’t using a CNC you’ll want to learn. Lots of knowledgeable people on here to help with that.
Welcome aboard. I’ll echo David’s comments, we do like photos here, particularly those showing a work in progress.
Welcome to the forum Jessica
Welcome to the forum, Jessica.
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