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Hi oldsarge,

We like to have new people here so welcome!

If you get to see the router workshop on PBS then you might be interested in the system they use. (I personally have the top and mounting plate but didn't go with the cabinet from them because I'm to cheap... don't tell anyone that). Check out:

In additon to the forementioned router table I have 7 others and I'm looking to reduce that number by a couple this summer. The problem is most table have some good points and some bad points..... what is just what you like today may not work all that well for some other projects.... I think I have seen at least 25 ultimate router tables plans, and no they are all different........

If you have the need for something to learn on, a router table is a good project. I might opt for buying the top and just doing the cabinet but you could do the hole thing if you wish. Make something to use and learn what you want to do to make the next one your ultimate router table.... Or update the orginial with a few new features.

Use the search option and put in "router table" we have a lot of posts and a lot of "ultimate router table" ideas.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide to do.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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