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Hi and thanks from California

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Just a quick hello to introduce myself - trying to hurry today :)

I have been working with wood for around 20 years now, have around 20 years in manufacturing in the U.S. and Japan, I am one of the three instructors for the Sam Maloof Foundation's new woodworking workshops, and I tend to accidentally lean toward working with the lathe.

Although the majority of what leaves my shop is turned, I don't like to call myself "a turner" because of the pigeon hole. Rather, I like making things, fixing things, engineering things?, or coming up with new designs and experimenting. I don't like the idea of getting stuck on one tool or one route, the way some turners tend to do. I focus on the need - what does the customer/gift recipient need, and what "product" will fill their need?

That being said, I am here because 1.) routers are amazing, 2.) I have a lot of "squarey-shaped" box ideas in my head, and 3.) I am forever amazed at people's abilities to come up with ways to do things simpler, better.

Okay that wasn't so quick. I lied.

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Hello and welcome to the router forum,Jeremy
Hi Jeremy, That's a lot of experience. We're all going to enjoy reading your posts, including your comments on others' posts. There's a lot of respect for experienced people here.
Welcome to the forum Jeremy
Welcome to the forum, Jeremy! When you get a minute complete your profile with first name so it will clear the N/a in the left panel. You can add your location, too, and it will show in the left panel.

We always like to see photos of turned projects so post away. And boxes - we just like looking at photos, period!

Welcome to the forum, Jeremy.
Hi Jeremy and welcome.
Welcome to the forum Jeremy.
Welcome Jeremy. "Not to be pigeonholed" . So in essence you are a WOODWORKER!
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Welcome to the forum, Jeremy! You'll find a ton of experience here covering A-Z so pull up a chair and relax, you're in good company.
Welcome to the Forum Jeremy,

I'm sure you will enjoy our fine member and the knowledge we have as a group.

Welcome to the Forum, Jeremy. You'll find it an interesting group, I'm sure.
Welcome to a most interesting, knowledgeable and dare I say humorous corner of the web.
G'day Jeremy, and welcome to the forum...
Welcome, Jeremy. You've found a great site. Looking forward to seeing your work.
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