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Hi community

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Hi everybody. My name is Todd.
I'm from Wilmington, NY.
I don't do that much drilling, and I don't do any drilling of metal, just wood, so do I need to pay a lot for so-called "quality" drill bits, and if so, why? I have a benchtop drill press and the usual assortment of cordless and corded hand drills. Most of the drill bits that I have are from HF. They seem fine to me, but maybe there's something that I'm missing.
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Welcome to the forum, Todd! Thanks for adding your location and name to your profile. Seems like only one in fifty do that without prompting...

If all you're drilling is wood then the bits you've chosen will last a while but not forever. You'll just have to give it a shot and see how they do for you and what you build.

I have high quality bits that I bought in the 70's and I'm still using them on wood and metal.

We like photos of shops, tools, projects, etc. so post whenever you're ready!

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Hello and welcome to the router forum.Todd
Welcome to the forum Todd . If your willing to share, we like pictures of projects ;)
Hi Todd, welcome.

I think if they're doing the job, and you're not using them constantly, then I'd stick with them. I have a number of high quality bits, but to be honest, I will probably die before I ever wear them out.

It is possible to buy a sharpening gadget to sharpen certain bits, but I haven't ever used it. There are many different kinds of bits, each best for specific uses.

Here's a nice guide to different types of bits and their uses. Drill Bit Types - The Ultimate Guide

And here's a pdf version. Nice one, I'm keeping it handy for me.


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I think if they're doing the job, and you're not using them constantly, then I'd stick with them.
Yep, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. HF bits work for me.

Welcome aboard.
Hey, Todd; Welcome!
What Tom said re different types of drill bits. Sometimes you need a flat bottomed hole, or a larger than 1/2" one, then you're going to have to make some decisions.
Hi Todd and welcome. Like said, it depends on the requirements for the hole. In general though Lee Valley sells the best drill bits for drilling wood. Standard metal twist drills leave a very ragged edge as they enter the wood plus they may not drill an accurate size hole if you are doing something like dowels where the surface to to be smooth after. Their high speed steel lipped drill bits are more pricey but drill the cleanest most accurate hole of any bit I've ever tried. For larger holes Forstners are usually the answer.
Welcome to the forum Todd.
G'day Todd, welcome to the forum.
Welcome Todd.
To give you some perspective, I'm still using some cheap warehouse drill bits I bought over 25 years ago, and I've abused the heck out of them on metal and wood.
If your drill bits are serving your need, stick with them until they finally don't or they break.
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