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Hi Everybody

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Hi My name is Mike, I am a bamboo rod maker and wood flybox maker with a router, that is why I like to look at your post to get some tips and tricks, I am a french Canadian from Shannon near Quebec city and a Flyfisherman. I was a fan of Router Workshop but I have no more the station here in Quebec we can not have the chanel we want I think it is a law we should have more french sation than American station. During the winter I will be more present on the furum.
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Hi mon ami. Welcome to the router forums. Can you post some pics of your rods? I personally would like to see what you make with a router. Thanks.
Hey Mike, glad you decided to join, welcome to
Hi Mike

I tried fly tying and most of the flys I made look like a sparrow on the end of my line when I cast them out.. :) but I love to fly fish here in Colorado .
I'm looking forward to some tips on fly tying and fly rods.
My grandad gave me about 8 old hand made bamboo rods when I was about 20 or so that's been 40 years back, and they are one of my most treasured items I got from him, one or two now need repair (eye lets) and alike, may I ask you how to repair them this winter when you and I have the time.

Bj :)

Just a NOTE****you can see the RWS on your computer at the web address below
Hi I wil need help to place a picture of my Bamboo rods, I will be glad to show my fly boxes.
I will be back soon
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