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Hello Rudmag and welcome to the forums. As for the fence, it can be simple or complex. Depends on what you want. Personally I like the KISS fence style (keep it simple stupid). A 2" wide board, long enough to go across the table top and be clamped.

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Simple is important and every application has a different fence but in general the best features of a fence are:

1) made of poly to ensure the slick surface to easily glide the material by it.

2) Half hole drilled to clear the cutting of the cutter and a half hole used to accept the router bit bearing.

3) 45 degree champher on all 4 corners to keep the chips clear of the fence surface.

4) a) The in-feed and out-feed of the fence need to be as close to the router bit as possible, b) the length of the in-feed and out-feed need to be as short as possible, so the dimensions of standard fence is 1" thick X 1-1/2" wide X 18" Long. With a longer fence the fence hinders the material from getting onto the router bit. The smaller this surface the better, 9" is plenty... Please note you need the in-feed to get onto the router bit and the out-feed to get off the router bit... that's it. SO the big question is: How much fence do you really need to do this?

I was a part of the development team on the table fence. And helped develop their standard fence. There is no real plan to build the perfect fence one time because some applications need different fence support. Once the router bits ruin the bit hole you disguard that fence and get a new one.
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