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Welcome. This is a really great addiction, I mean hobby. I've done DIY all my life, but real woodworking began with my first table saw maybe 15 years ago. Attached is a long pdf that covers a lot of the lessons I've learned, and some ideas about tools. I bought mine during my highest earning years, but many get along with basics. Table saw, the best you can afford, drill press, router and simple table, workbench and maybe a band saw will get you going. Sawdust collection and good masks should be an early purchase, and it is discussed in the pdf. There are lots of options for everything. If I had to pick a tool I don't really use much, it would be a sliding miter saw. Rarely use it and could have gotten by with just a simple chop saw to cut to length.

At any rate, you picked the right place to jump in, everyone here is very happy to make suggestions and offer help with something you haven't done before.


1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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