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I found your forum while looking for some trouble shooting advice online and I thought I'd join in.
Haven't got a feel for the scope of interest here is but I'm sure I'll learn plenty and hopefully can pass on some experience of my own.
I started my working life as a foundry patternmaker in New Zealand and then moved to Australia. Some of the more progressive pattern shops here where getting into CNC routing so I thought I'd jump on board, not even owning a computer or even a gaming console at that stage (1995).
I currently run a large 5 axis CNC router that was purchased for side work in a workshop that normally machines metal.
Materials machined on the router include, foam for mold plugs and mockups, tooling board, timber, ply, MDF, composite materials, it has a misting lubrications system that allows us to do aluminum and even at a stretch a bit of cast iron and steel machining, plus various wear resistant plastics.
The router is Anderson brand and I use Unigraphics for CAD/CAM.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts