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HI! from Calgary

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Good day. I started looking around here to find the do's and don'ts regarding routers. I have yet to buy my first router and wish to buy the right one first time out of the gate. To my surprise and pleasure I found I found both more and less than I expected on this forum.
I found some friendly posters that seem to remember that at one time they knew very little as well, and are willing to share the knowledge they have gleaned from others. I've seen some great ideas shared and do appreciate it very much.
As for the less than expected part, I have found very little "attitude" and "chest puffing" on this forum. You know the "Look at my tools!" and the "I don't buy that cheap junk!" attitude that seems to be all too prevalent on many forums. Kudos' you run a clean ship here!

As for me, I have a solid background in metal design and fabrication. I have also "played" with a lot of wood in a structural sense (I am building my own fairly complex 22'x26' toy room AKA garage) and have tinkered with a few small projects for my own use. I am trying to learn to do furniture and cabinet work as a hobby. I want to build some quality custom pieces for my home and as gifts to close friends and family.

Thanks Bob and Rick for providing the forum. Thanks to Mark for making it work pretty darn good. Thanks to the participants that seem to have a never ending quest to helping the greenhorns like myself. Sharing is what it's all about.
A tip of the toque to the lot of you! :D
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Welcome to the forums CB, we look forward to talking about router with you.
Hi from Innisfree in Northeastern Alberta. Like the way Bob and Rick welcome discussion on other brands besides the Oak Park stuff. Our source, House of Tools, has dropped the line, but they still sell the best budget router, the Hitatchi! My 11 year old even teases me" You'll have to buy the new cordless Porter Cable used on the new Router Workshop series." If wishes were dreams and toys/tools were wishes! I echo Canuck Beavers praise and extend my thanks for all the great tips.
Welcome CB and Jigboy! You are correct when you say there are a bunch of nice people on the forum. Its wonderful that so many share ideas from all over the world.
Ayee CB, sorry not to welcome you sooner,but phone has been dead for a week now. No phone = no internet. Glad to have you with us. A lotta knowledge here, all for the asking.
Hey Jigboy! Your about 100 KM's due east of where I was raised (near North Cooking Lake). Look out gent's the Albertans are taking over! *LOL*

Thanks for the welcome. As for the information I guess I'm pretty much in "harvesting" mode. There's so many good ideas floating around here it's hard to soak it all up.

Thanks again,
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