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Hi From Denmark

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Hi all, just found this forum, dabbling a bit in woodworking, woodturning to start with but it has a tendency to spread, hope to get alot of good ideas and advice moving forward.
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a hearty welcome to from the USA.. glad ya found us...
we hope you visit the menagerie of information thread....
Welcome Flemming, I think you'll find this a treasure trove of information mixed with some good humor.
Welcome to the forum...
Welcome, Flemming!
Welcome aboard.
Hi Flemming. You'll like it here. We are a very friendly bunch. When you get a moment it would be good for you to edit your profile. It currently shows you are from the USA which will make a difference if you start asking us "which power tool". Our models won't run on your power system. Also, some of the companies we commonly purchase tools from may not ship to you or that shipping might be prohibitively expensive, as it sometimes is going from the USA to here in Canada. And lastly you could add your name to your profile so that we don't wind up referring to you as NA.
Welcome aboard Flemming. Enjoy the knowledge base and good humor.
Hello and welcome to the router forum,
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Welcome to the forum Flemming :)
Welcome to the forum, Flemming.
Glad you've decided to join the fun. As you can tell, we're friendly and helpful. Enjoy your visits here.
Welcome to the forum Flemming.
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