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Hi from Indiana USA

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I have been building just about anything out of wood for Indiana University for the last ten years. What was a hobby became some of what I do as my job. The first time I saw The Router Workshop, Loved it. Some of the techniques Bob and Rick demonstrated on their shows I now use in the shop at work. Really makes me look good too, :rolleyes: my counterparts are always asking; "where did you learn that?" or "how did you come up with that idea?" of course I tell them truth.

Too bad, here in South Bend, we lost The Router Workshop on our PBS station WNIT about a year ago. :( We really miss it here. I hope though it's in the works to get it back! I'm always learning something new to do with the router and want to keep learning more. :D

Anyway Great show...keep it up! :D
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Paul, welcome to the forum. Glad to have your experience to add to this forum. Again, welcome.
Nice to hear from you Paul and look forward to talking about routers with you.
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