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I have been building just about anything out of wood for Indiana University for the last ten years. What was a hobby became some of what I do as my job. The first time I saw The Router Workshop, Loved it. Some of the techniques Bob and Rick demonstrated on their shows I now use in the shop at work. Really makes me look good too, :rolleyes: my counterparts are always asking; "where did you learn that?" or "how did you come up with that idea?" of course I tell them truth.

Too bad, here in South Bend, we lost The Router Workshop on our PBS station WNIT about a year ago. :( We really miss it here. I hope though it's in the works to get it back! I'm always learning something new to do with the router and want to keep learning more. :D

Anyway Great show...keep it up! :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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