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Hi from St. Paul, MN

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I decided for 2020 I'd join this community. I was a member some years ago and life went side-ways. I tried to use my old user name and password but I couldn't get them to work so I've created a new persona. I was oldhudson49. I think one of the best things about this forum is that while it is "router-focused" there seems to be plenty of room for other stuff. I filled out that other form if someone wishes to know more.


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The forum got hacked a few years ago and the owners strengthened the password protocols as a result. If you can get Cricket who is our liaison with the owners to answer your pm she can revive your old account long enough for you to change to a new password. I say if because she's been busy working on something and hasn't been answering my pms. But it's worth a try if you want. Just below her photo click on send message:
Hi and welcome back. Great place to make friends and learn something now and again.
Welcome back Paul, don’t be a stranger . If you’d like to share projects with us we love pics.

I love that mitred joint you posted
Welcome back......
Welcome back...
welcome back...
Welcome back.
Hey Welcome back fellow Minnesotan.

I'm fairly new on the forum but backed with years of playing in the woodworking world. Great group I just don't get much time
to enjoy it, with so many irons in the fire.

Happy New Year to all.
Welcome back to the forum for 2020! This is a good way to start the New Year!
Nice clear layout on the half-lap mitre joint. Look forward to see more this year.
Welcome back into the fold. Looks like Rick remembers you or is taking a wild guess.......
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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