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Hi from the Great Bolo

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That's a nickname my grandpa gave me when I was a babe over 60 years ago. My name is Sam. I found this forum looking for info on my new Grizzly GO513X2 Bandsaw. Who would guess you could get answers on a router forum? Now that I've found it, I have a good bit about routers. Will take all the learning I can get.
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Welcome to the forum Sam . There's a great amount of info here , and as you can see not just wood routers .
And thanks to these guys , I think I almost found myself :grin:
Hello and welcome to the router forum Sam.
Hi Sam and welcome. We have members knowledgeable about everything from IT to building a house and wiring it and all questions are welcomed and treated equally. If you can't find a sub forum that the question fits then post it in the Lobby.
Hello Sam, Glad you could join the fun. There was a long, detailed string on bandsaws a couple of weeks ago. Click on the new posts button and look bacl 2 weeks or so and you'll find it. There are a lot of people here who can answer just about any question you could ask.

Don't know how much woodworking you've done or what kind of projects you do. Do let us know.
Welcome to the forum Sam.
Welcome to the forum, Sam
Hello Sam. I am your co-newbie here. Welcome to the forum and enjoy the convo here. Same as I do.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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