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Hi from the UK

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Firstly, thanks for welcoming me to the forum.

I have an ELU MOF131 router. The plunge locking lever has a powerful spring that should lock the plunge depth as soon as the lever is released. Unfortunately, it doesn't do this reliably. Can anyone help with this? I would like to remove and lubricate the parts, hoping that this might fix it, though the spring puts me off! Any ideas anyone?

Many thanks in advance,
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Hello and welcome to the router forum
Sorry I have no knowledge of ELU MOF131 routers
Welcome to the forum.
Do you have any documentation on this router? A parts diagram may help explain the problem like that found here but I'm not familiar with this ELU line of routers at all. Are they still made?

BTW....welcome to the forum.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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