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I just read about this forum on the Ubeaut forum in Australia.
I haven't seen The Router Workshop show on TV here so will have to chase up the Discovery Home & Leisure channel about it.
That's been the only channel where we can see woodworking shows but this is the first year they have had no new shows.
After the members of the UKwoodworking forum sent them a lot of emails after we were told they had no plans for showing the 2004 season of New Yankee Workshop they have just told us on their own forum that this seasons shows will be published later this year.
H&L has deteriorated to a fishing and property sales channel this year with NYW only shown mid afternoon when most are at work.
With woodworking tools & machinery being a world wide multi million dollar industry I would have thought it would have encouraged a digital channel just for woodworking.
I have a disability as a result of injury at work but love spending what time I am able to with wood.
As a skilled toolmaker I love designing and making my own jigs for both router and table saw.
I first worked with wood at age 10 and taught myself how to make a half lap joint.
My skills have improved greatly since that time in the mid 50s.
I bought a router to go with my table saw 5-6 years ago & am still as excited as then at what I can do with one.
Bit by bit my garage (workshop) has been filled with many woodworking power tools to go with the hand tools I have built up over the last 38 years.
After buying a table for the router I found it somewhat limiting so made my own fence for it which was high enough to use finger boards.
At least I found a use for MDF.
I wont use it for furniture but find it ideal for router jigs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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