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Hi! & How?

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I am a novice at this kind of "on-line" chatty thing. I have appreciated reading many of the entries, tips and suggestions since the early days of Router Forum, but haven't felt brave enough to enter in the conversation.

I am a hobbyist wood-worker who has built a number of projects over the years and am always interested in thoughts and ideas people come up with relating to making projects easier to do and to look good. I started out quite early in life helping my father and brothers with some of their projects - primarily through observation and pulling nails in renovation projects. Over the years I have built a number of furniture pieces; turned bowls, lamp stands, candle holders, chair rungs and stretchers; jewellery boxes; our house and a number of other challenging renovation and house addition projects.

Most recently I have taken a keen interest in The Router Workshop and the inovative techniques proposed by Bob and Rick. I took "the plunge" and built myself a router table according to the plans and specifications of Bob & Rick. I am well pleased how it turned out, but I recently made an observation that I have a cavity uder a middle portion of the laminate. The edges are tight and in tact, but it sounds as if the contact cement has let go in the centre of the table top. Is there a way in which this might be remedied? I would appreciated any suggestion.

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Hey norm! Welcome :D
Norm, it is possible that appllying heat could reactivate the glue. I would try a warm iron with a piece of fabric over the spot. After warming I would suggest using books or some object to apply weight to hold the laminate down during the cooling process. You most likely trapped air under the laminate when it was applied. Perhaps drilling a tiny hole to let the air escape would help. I would use a bit smaller than 1/16", perhaps you own one of the tiny number drill bit sets? These also come in handy for pre drilling holes for brads in hardwood. No guarantees but it is worth a shot. Should that fail you will have to remove and replace the laminate.
Hi Norm

Just to add to Mikes post , if you don't have a SMALL drill you can also use a HOT pin (Needle) and put in a small hole to drop the laminate back down then warm the laminate up and with some luck it will stick down again.( hot air gun/hair dryer works well for this job but with care) then get the wifes rolling pin out and roll it down:)

Bj :)
Hi Norm. I'm glad to see you are over your shyness and have began posting. Welcome to the forums. Just one big happy family here.
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