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Hi I'm new

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Hi, i have just joined this site in order to see if i can finaly solve my problem.
my name is james and i like to mess about with computers i have been on ebay message boards tring to get the answer for a while but they havent seemed to help. I have recently bought a linksys adsl router that i have set up no problem ( i have one computer connected by wire and one by a wireless linksys adapter). i want to be able to share files between the two pcs but i can't find a way of doing this, i am on the wireless pc now and it says i can switch to "use xp to set up wireless connection" i tried to switch to this but every time i just loose connection. i only have linksys softwear on this pc the pc with the router doesn't need softwear. does anyone know what i should do.

please i need help
:) thanks for reading :)
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Hi James

You got the wrong forum for the type of question you have .

This fourm is for wood working routers.

Try the links below for some help with your dilemma ▼

Good Luck
Have a Merry Christmas
Bj :)
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First off, your problems probably lie with a windows or 3rd party firewall. If you absolutely cannot connect the 2 computers, first unplug your internet connection and then drop your fire walls while running the windows XP network setup.

Good luck!
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