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Hi I'm The New Guy.

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I Got A Question. I Purchased A New Porter Cable 12" Dovetail Jig Off A Freind, But The Directions Are Missing. It Came From Lowes, And Only Included The Half-blind Template. Can Anyone Guide Me To Properly Use This Jig, And Also Can Anyone Explain How To Properly Cut Dovetails By Hand Being That My Jig Only Cuts 12" And I Got A Project That The Corners Are 2 Foot Long And I Want To Make Nice Dovetail Joints Being It's For My Fathers Birthday Present. Thank You.
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Welcome to the forums silverrock.

the "Doctor"
Try this:

Under product support there is Owners Manuals. Also, parts are available there. -Derek

If you want to put dovetails in a "2 Foot Long" board take a look at the link below.
You can use Bob & Ricks jig to run (make) nice dovertails.
You will need to use a support piece on both sides of the jig,because of the 24" but they will come out neat will just a little care when you cut them.
See the snap shot at the bottom of the web page, how to set it up.
You can buy the jig(s) from OakPark. (at 60.oo)
I do recommend that you buy all 3 at one time plus the brass setup bars

Hope this helps
Bj :)
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