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Hi john

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Here I am again this my be my last time this is too hard for me to understand
how to send a pic......PoPs
I am in new threads and There is no button for an attachment for me to push
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Hi Bigen

Send the picture to my email address and I will post it for you. :)

Bj :)
Bigen, I'm not real great with computers. So I usually right click the pictures I'm planning to use and send them to my desktop first. That way there easier to find if you have a lot of pics on the computer.

Once you've done that,go to the bottom of this page and find a button that says "go advanced". Clicking it will open the same window as when you start a new post. Add your title and message then scroll down to- Additional Options- click on "Manage Attachments". This will open smaller window with a bunch of blank lines that say Browse next to them. Click browse, it will bring up all the places on your computer that may have pics. If you moved it to desktop, click desktop,find your pic, click it and your pic should be listed on the first line.Click "upload" (takes a few seconds) then close that small window and click "submit" at bottom of additional options.

Took me a couple tries the first time but I think I've learned as much about computers on this site as I have about routing. Also watch BJs posts for some great links to free photo editing software. Hope this helps.



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Hi John

You may want to give this a try. :)

Goto TinyPic Free Image Hosting , Hit the Browse button ,find the picture you want to share on your HD, now select it, now hit the upload button, the picture you want to post/share/show is now ready to share, Tinypic will resize the image and come back with 3 URL links formats, copy and paste all 3 of them and drop them in NotePad (new text doc )

Note*** It's best to make a new folder on the desktop and keep all the pictures in that folder so you find them quick and easy. :)
Call It Shared Pictures or just your name.. :)
Then change the VIEW to show Thumbnails (in Explore) now you can see all the pictures you have in that folder quck and easy.

Once you have that done, start a new post and copy and paste the " 2nd " URL/Link item. (you saved in the new NotePad text file)
( on one line only in your new post )

Now it will show up in your new Post.

Hope this helps.

Bj :)

NOTE*** Tinypic Will let you share your picture(s) with anyone with a computer and a Net hook up. And it's free,,,, :)
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