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Hi just a newbee

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Hi to everyone,
I am a novice in woodworking and learning all I can. I caught the bug from my dad who built the craddle that my brother and I slept in as babies and all 4 of my kids have also slept in. My first real project was last Christmas when I built my 2 boys each a toybox for their room. I want to expand into cabinetry and furniture building more. My dad just gave me his first router, a B&D professional HD router. All insights, tips , and tricks given will be appreciated.
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Hi Wadej

I highly recommend you get this book, it will not put you to sleep and you will use it all the time,great tips for the router user, all about many routers and how to use them plus many jigs :)
You will need to hide it from your dad or it will end up in his shop. :)

Woodworking with the Router

Bj :)
Welcome to the community.
Welcome aboard wadej. Be "SAFE" and enjoy.
Thank you all for the warm welcome. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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