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Hi moshi moshi

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Not only new to the forum, but new to working with wood. Decided to make a box to fit all my sockets, ratchets and extensions etc.. Decided to make the recesses would need a router. I also reckon I'm going to need advice on using so I end up still having all my fingers (and toes?). Got a cheap Parkside router to begin with, but seems to be well made.
Regards and stay safe.
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Hello N/A and welcome to the forums...
We're happy you found us...

About that inquisitiveness of yours... We are all over that, we can help, we can, w/ have some ''light reading'' for you...
Gathered together is a bunch of pertinent/relative information in this here link ... You should find everything (at least most) quite useful, a lot of help and get you off to a running start in the world of routers... Enjoy...

Do take some time and read the safety PDF's... PLEASE!!!
Blood and trips to the ER, we find, are very annoying... Not to mention – expensive...

We do welcome all questions on about any subject you can come up w/ too....
Not only that, we excel at spending your money...
Welcome nandesuka to the forum, we are happy to see a new member. I did some research on Parkside Tools and they have decent reviews for holding up for moderate use. They are made off shore in different countries. Even some are made in Austria. It will get you started anyway and as long as you handle it with ease it should do good on small projects and when you get graduated to more involved work you can upgrade to a Bosch or similar quality tool.
Be sure to ask questions, our members are quite happy to assist you along. Also when asking questions be sure to post pictures it helps us give you better answers. Happy woodworking,
Hi Nandesuka and welcome. For routing recesses you should be using a plunge router. I'm not familiar with that brand so I don't know if it is one. Are you talking about making holes or half round depressions where the sockets will lay on their sides?
Hello and welcome to the router forum , Nandesuka
Welcome to the forum. You found the right place to help you get started on the right foot.
Hi and welcome. Plunge router is a must for recesses. You might also consider using Forstner bits in a drill press to hog out larger areas and use the router to smooth it out.
Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing your projects
Welcome to the forum.
Hi all and thanks for the replies, especially about safety. I'm an ex (now retired) marine engineer then maintenance engineer, so am not unfamiliar with "dangerous" machines such as lathes, grinders, drills etc. and I've still got all my fingers and tootsies. The most dangerous item I met while at sea was my wife who I met in Japan. There was a saying at sea, one hand for the job and one for yourself, especially when the ship was rolling.
The recesses I'm putting in the board for the tools are made up of holes, which I've done with no problem, long and short channels for the extension bars and "funny" shaped ones for the ratchets. I started to use the rip fence attachment but I couldn't really see where I, or rather the cutter, was going. I was also a bit "wobbly" and nearly ended up with a mess. I decided that I needed a table. So checked on Fleabay and found a cheap Trend CRT Mk2. It came with the fence and a small 500W Black and Decker router (so now I've got 2 routers) but no other accessories. I've been trying to find where I can get the extras, such as hold down clamps, but Trend UK don't seem to stock them as it's discontinued. I've also decided to make a new plate to mount my original router to it, so I've got some stuff coming to be able to do that. I'm hoping that when I get it all up and running, I'll be able to See where the cutter is going. I'm sure I'll have some "how to" and "yes but" questions to ask, so will let you know how I get on.
Again thanks for all the replies.
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Geoff there is everything your heart could desire over here but the VAT and shipping is a killer. It seems to me most UK members quoted Trend as a source: If hold downs you mean finger boards then you can make your own. Past member Claudio from Brazil posted an easy way to make them once.
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