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Hi my name is Mircea

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Hi, I am new here and a pretty beginner with CNC and I have a problem with my board Mach3 USB Motion Card (BSMCEO4U-PP) setting up the home limits switch with error ( This is only for the printer port modes ) when I want to activate the limits switch on Automated Setup of Inputs. I believe I have made some settings that don't allow me to make any change. Please help if is possible. Thanks
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The ports and pins settings for inputs are for machines using a parallel port. They are not used with that USB control card. That is why you get that error message.

Here is a schematic of how to wire that card. The limits switch connections are shown on the lower left of the drawing. Limits use IN2 and homing uses IN3. IN1 is for the E-Stop and IN4 is for a touch plate.

Circuit component Product Line Font Rectangle
Circuit component Product Line Font Rectangle
Circuit component Product Line Font Rectangle
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Thank you very much for your help, muce appreciate.
Welcome to the forum @mpuscasu73 , glad we were able to help..
Welcome to the forum.
Hi, I have a question ? Wher is the difference between Mach3 with RNRMotion and Mach3 without RNRMotion for CNC? Thank you
Maybe the Admins could transfer this query to the CNC section?
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