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Hi! New Member need help! (CNC)

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Hello, i'm a new member, Mechanical Engineer from Dominican Republic, I want to purchace/build a CNC capable to cut aluminium/copper. Max budget is USD$2000.00, I have some options of servo motors kit and stepper motors kits, I will leave the links below so you guys can give me your opinion, but what I can't find is were to buy is a complete set of the gantry without motors/drivers or with them but with good motor set.

Can someone help me with the gantry? If there is not a vendor for a complete set, can someone help me with a list of the necesary items/brand/links if posible so I can just put together, order and assemble?

Do not take in consideration shipping cost out of US, I have my own way so i can bring the parts for free no matter the size.

Servo kit

Stepper kit

All commets are apreciated
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Welcome to the forum Andres . Your budget is kinda small , and members are going to need a bit more information regarding the size of cutting area your looking for etc .
Is this a bench top design , or a 4'x4' , 4'x8' size?
Your going to need a fairly rigid gantry if your cutting aluminum and copper , and the price of T-slot extruded aluminum is very expensive, at least here in Canada .
Not that you've introduced yourself , I would post this topic in the CNC thread area where it will receive more views .

I joined a forum called Joes CNC , it costs $75 US to join , but it was as well worth it for the knowledge I gained .
They scratch build CNC router tables there , and Joes figured out how to build the best quality cnc for the least amount of money from what I've seen .
Nowhere under 2K though, even with V bearings . He's designing a system with linear bearings right now , and those alone are a couple thousand dollars.
Ideally you should have a dedicated computer, and the software is going to add up also .
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Check out Richards build ^^^

He made an amazing machine for the least amount of money I've ever seen . He bought himself extruded aluminum from a place that sells it used , so that saved him money there . If you could find something simular where you live it may help a lot with your build .
I'm sure Richard would be more than happy to help you with questions on how to build a quality machine on a small budget. $2000 Isn't going to cut it though
Welcome to the forum Andres.
Hi Andres and welcome. You can go to our home page by clicking on the large Routerforums logo and scroll down to the CNC section where all the posts for this sub forum can be found. You may find more helpful information in that sub forum.
thankyou all, will follow your suggestions
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