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Hello, i'm a new member, Mechanical Engineer from Dominican Republic, I want to purchace/build a CNC capable to cut aluminium/copper. Max budget is USD$2000.00, I have some options of servo motors kit and stepper motors kits, I will leave the links below so you guys can give me your opinion, but what I can't find is were to buy is a complete set of the gantry without motors/drivers or with them but with good motor set.

Can someone help me with the gantry? If there is not a vendor for a complete set, can someone help me with a list of the necesary items/brand/links if posible so I can just put together, order and assemble?

Do not take in consideration shipping cost out of US, I have my own way so i can bring the parts for free no matter the size.

Servo kit

Stepper kit

All commets are apreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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