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Hi. My name is Nancy and I have just signed up for this forum because I am hoping to get good advice and tips from everyone. I am not new to woodworking exactly, but I am new to woodworking with the ability to actually get some good tools. I had an addition put on my house 2 years ago and now have a real (albeit small) dedicated shop off my basement!! I have been sewing since I was 10 and I honestly believe the skill sets involved in sewing and woodworking are the same - which is why I enjoy both a lot. I also decorate cakes as a hobby. I guess I just like to create stuff with my hands!

So - here is my first question: I just purchased a router table from Rockler and my husband is going to get me a PC fixed/plunge router for Christmas. I am going back and forth between the fixed speed and the variable speed. Right now they are on sale on Amazon and only $20 difference, but I am not sure which to get? I am looking at the 690 series. Fixed and Plunge base combo. I plan to use it in my table as well as free hand for plunge work. I have an old craftsman my dad gave me (I think it might be nearly as old as I am!) which works great as long as I don't have to adjust the depth!! (not very easy or accurate) so I have it set up right now dedicated for 3/4 dado cuts. Any advice on the PC router?

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