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Hi there! Need help to decide which router to buy

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Hi there! I apologize in advance for my English, I'm Norwegian so its just my second-language. I would like to get into woodworking, and want to purchase a quality-router.

1. Bosch 1617 EVSPK
I've been youtubing the subject for quite some weeks now and it seems as the Borsch 1617 "wins" alot of reviews. The problem is that i only find it in 120v, while we use 220v here in Norway. Now I could buy a converter, but for 1500W converter thats + $120 and + around 20 pounds. Any tips or go-arounds here?

2. Triton 2400W
I've also narrowed it down to 2 potential routers. The first is the Triton TRA001. I've seen this has recieved alot of good reviews, especially for its simplicity for converting it into a table-router. But it seems very heavy, and im wandering; is this a good router just because of the ease of table-convertion or is it good in "hand-held"-mode also?

3. Bosch GOF 1600 (Aka GMF 1600?)
I dont have anything to say about this, so i guess: is there any reason not to go for this one? It seems it doesnt fit for example the Bosch 1617 fixed base, nor the under-table base, or am i wrong?(BOSCH 1617EVS 2.25 HP Electronic Fixed-Base Router & Under-Table Router Base with Above-Table Hex Key RA1165 - - )
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ohhh I love Norway !! Welcome to the forum !!
I visited Bergen a few times when I wasn in the US Navy. The winter times was terrible but the Spring and Summer was simply awesome. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Welcome to the forum.
G'day and welcome to the forum @masjstovel .

I have, and vouch for the Triton TRA001.(+TRB001)...

I mainly use it in the router tabel, but have had no issues using it it plunge mode. I don't think it is much, if any. heavier than the Makita 3612C that I use as a hand held router.
I have 7 routers of differnt sizes, so can choose which one to use on my project.

The Bosch 1617 EVSPK seems to be very popular but I have not used one and not sure you can get it in 220/240v.
Thanks for welcoming me here. I see that there is a enormous amount of knowledge between you in the other threads here. I just ordered the Triton 2400w, so now its waiting time:)
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Welcome to Router Forums. I think you are going to like it here.

I don't know what routers are available to you in Norway, but you are looking at some of the better ones. The DeWalt 618 routers are what I have in the 2 hp category. I have three of them and have never had a problem with them. Two are 3 base kits and the other is a 2 base kit. The three base kits include the D handle base, which I find very handy for cabinet construction and dovetail joints. Whatever you buy, get one that will work on your available power. It's a pain to need a converter every time you would want to use it, and added expense not needed if you can find one to match your available power. D handle bases with a trigger switch offer great stability when holding the router and using larger bits, and the trigger control and soft start features make using a larger router hand held much safer. The Triton routers are radically different in design, but are great routers, especially for router table use.

My best recommendation is that you find a place where routers are sold and on display. Pick up each one and check it's weight and balance in your hands. Imagine using this router for the applications that you are planning. Look to see what accessories are available for it too, not that you will necessarily be buying them day 1. Accessories for chip collection, carrying case design, side fence for edging, chuck sizes availability or included, etc. Router bushing availability - the Porter Cable standard round router bushing hole in the router bases are most common, but Triton and others have their own standard. Then make your decision.

All of the router brands listed should serve you well, so your choice should be made depending on how the router feels in your hands, how easily the adjustments are to make, and what accessories are available for it. Stay away from the not so popular brand names, as these usually aren't made to last as well, and frequently disappear off the shelves in a few years. A couple of other good brands are Festool and Mafell, but at a different price range, and I'm not certain that they are worth what they cost, so don't own either.

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Hi, new guy here on the forums. I have the Triton which lives in my Incra router table. I've had it for about ten years and it has performed flawlessly. It sits most of the time as I rarely have time to do woodworking these days but never fails to fire up and run smoothly. I use the height adjusting tool (no router lift) and have no problems utilizing it with precise accuracy; I have a digital height setting gauge. Once you learn its functions, reaching under the table to switch off & on the power, lock/unlock the lift mechanism and adjust speed setting by feel is not a problem.

Right after I purchased the router, I had an issue where bits were slipping and ruining stock for a project on a tight deadline. Triton immediately sent me a new router overnight and I returned the original via the shipping agency. It turned out that the Whiteside bit I was using was undersized but I was thoroughly impressed with the service from Triton, which had been bought by Kreg (I think). I was equally impressed with Whiteside as well, they pulled the entire lot of bits, but that's a different discussion!

Good luck, i think you'll love it.
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Welcome to the forum @snorthener
G'day @snorthener , welcome to the forum...
@snorthener Welcome to the fun.
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