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Hi there!

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Hi, I'm Julie.
I live in Ontario, Canada and have a workshop in a pentagon shaped log barn. I have a Hitachi 12V router which I use in a Oak Park router table top (with the base plate.) I like to read everyone's ideas and tips, it gives me inspiration.
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Welcome to the Julie. Have any questions, ideas or comments, we would love to hear from you. Thanks for joining,

I like the idea of a interesting shaped shop, do you have any pictures of it that you could share?

Hi Julie. you have come to a great message board.
My workshop

Here's my workshop. It's nice to be able to work at home. Each of the five sides of my converted stable is 20ft. long. It's not really so practical for woodworking because of the angled walls, but it just looks fabulous, inside is also logs.


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Great workshop Julie!
Verrrrrry unique workshop Julie! It beats my hum drum but very messy garage. :D
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