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Hi there

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Hi everyone I'm Roy I really want to learn the art of routing have built my own table now need to learn how to use it 馃
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This is the table I built


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Welcome to the forum Roy. Nice job on the table
hi everyone i'm roy i really want to learn the art of routing have built my own table now need to learn how to use it
hello roy and welcome to the forums...
nice fit and finish on your table..

forgot the help you out some link..

there should be some of the answers to the questions you haven't asked yet...
Welcome to the forum, Roy! Add your first name to your profile to clear the N/a in the side panel. Add your location, as well.

That's a nice looking table. Hope you get to use it often and show us your projects.

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G'day Roy, welcome to the forum...
Welcome to the forum Roy.
Welcome to the forum Roy. As been said, nice looking table. After building mine, and I cheated by buying the top/fence, I found that it opened the possibilities of what a router can do safely. You still have many safety concerns but the use is a bit easier as you are moving the wood with the router stable. Did you install/design for a starter pin when not using the fence? Not hard to do put can be an important feature you may want. If you haven't already been schooled on using a router properly you may want to read the info Stick provides. Those bits are sharp and spinning fast and flesh is far softer than the wood we typically cut. You'll know quickly if you've messed up.

Make sure you have a speed chart for selecting proper speeds for your bits, small diameter=faster speeds, larger diameter=lower speeds. Know the proper feed direction and make test cuts on scrap. And I usually use that cheap scrap to start with before the good stuff hits the table. Also check out the available jigs both to buy and build for a particular cut/style you may need. They were made to make things far safer. And having a switch with a stop paddle or similar makes it easy to stop the router with your knee/hip whatever just in case.

Enjoy the forum and all it's available knowledge and willingly helpful members.
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We thanks was a nice welcome. Got some great info already don't feel so nervous now that ms again
Welcome to the forum Roy !!! Table looks great !!
Very nice job on that table, Roy. Looks like you thought it through pretty carefully. I'm glad you decided to join the fun. It's a pretty friendly place.
Welcome Roy,

You will find there is a wealth of knowledge here and all available, you just have to ask.
Welcome to the forum Roy. Nice job on the table
Hi and welcome to the forum Roy. Nice table mate.
Welcome to the forum Roy

Thanks guys for the very warm welcoming
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