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Hi there.

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Hi there. I just retired not long ago and thought about doing some woodworking projects and such as a hobby. We bought a garden glider made of cedar, and I decided to build a roof for it as it didn't come with one. I've been reading about routers for awhile and decided to get a skil 1825 combo set. I know it's not the best, but for the price and what I would use it for I figured that it would be good enough. I had pictures and measurements of the roof from another glider, so I got to work. I put the fixed base in a wolfcraft router table, installed a bit and got to work. I routed 24 pieces of cedar board for the roof on both ends. I found the skil router worked very well and was quite pleased with it. The project turned out well and my family was very pleased. Now that I've made a start with this project I'm looking forward to others down the road. I will enjoy reading the forums and learning all sorts of things from others to help me in the future. Bye for now. Papajohn
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I'm a newbie here too Papajohn, and have already learned a lot from these people..
How about a pic of the glider?
Welcome to the forums papajohn. Glad to have another retiree join us. Be "SAFE" and enjoy your new hobby.
Glider Pic

Here it is Mike.
RE: Glider Pic

Sorry, it seems I haven't figured out how to add the picture yet. I'll keep trying.
papajohn, go to
This is a tutorial for posting attachments(pics).
Good luck
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