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Hi there

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I.m not sure what to say here so please bear with me.
I am seventy years old and will retire in fourteen days. I am also legally blind and in a wheelchair. But I refuse to give up!
I will try to learn table routing in the next few years and will, by necessity, stick to small projects. I learned about this site through the "Router Workshop" series on PBS. I also bought their table that I have yet to use.
That's about it.
Blind Bruce in Winnipeg
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Hi Bruce

You have found the right place :)
You may want to check out some the post by template tom, see links below.

He holds classes for the blind wood workers and helps them with the router for just one of the tools. :)
He may/will have many tips for you...

Just drop him a note via. the P.M. tool on the forum.
see links below.

template tom

Bj :)
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Hey Bruce, welcome to the community. I'm really glad to see you on the forum posting and introduction and getting into the community, thanks :).

Just curious, where abouts in Winnipeg are you located? I am also a resident of good ol' Winnipeg. :D
Welcome Bruce.

Welcome to the forums Blind Bruce. You and Mark ought to get together. He is handicapped also. :D He's so young! :D LOL Congrats on your 70 yrs. young and on you up comming retirement.
Dito for sure, congrats on your retirement. Blind is only in the eye of the beholder don't let that stop you. I'm legally blind olso
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