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Hi I am in the U.K
I am a hobbyist and excited about getting my first router .
I currently have a laser engraver and am looking to add to this with a router .
I only want a small one to engrave slate as i make door numbers etc
What would be the best one to buy for this ?
I only have a small budget and only want to engrave shallow
Many thanks in advance :smile:
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Andrew, Any type of stone cutting is usually done with an air powered router using water as a coolant and to remove the chips/dust. This requires the use of diamond bits which are expensive. I have never seen this process done free hand. Have you seen someone working stone a different way?
The fine grain of slate and its relative softness suggest you could do this, but I think you'll want a router powerful enough and with speed control so you can work the stone at slow speeds. The following video is rock carving using a Dremel kit. More talking than demo, and it is on what looks like granite. Slate is fine grained and softer, so this might work for you. I believe you can buy engravers that are more powerful than a Dremel, but not sure where you'd buy them. Note that he works in short bursts so the heat doesn't build up, and that his bits are diamond.
Welcome to the forum. :)
Hi Andrew and welcome. I also would agree that the bits need to be diamond. I have some diamond angle grinder wheels that can be used dry but most require water for sustained cutting. As pointed out, the dust is an issue. You don't want it getting inside the tool so either air or vacuum to move the dust is important.
Hello and welcome to the router forum, Andrew
By the way, welcome to the Forum. Great place for help and feedback. I also suggest using vacuum and/or air to draw off the dust, plus frequent stops to let the bit cool. If it overheats, it will lose its temper and be unusable. I don't think diamond bits are cheap. We'll look forward to a picture or two of some finished work.
Actually, Tom, they are (relatively) cheap.
Not saying these are premium quality, but something like these are worth trying to figure out what works (?)...
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Welcome to the forum Andrew.
thanks guys
I am looking for a small cnc machine
any ideas?
chinese or otherwise
many thanks
Hi Ant and welcome. Why don't you add a name or nickname to your profile.
Hi all,

Thought it worth jumping on this instead of starting a new thread! I'm also from the UK and been woodworking since the start of the year. Really enjoying it and hopefully pick up some hints and tips here.

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