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I am Kurt...I'm just a blind squirrell looking for a few acorns (of knowledge)! I am just getting started in the world of wood working. I am a computer geek of sorts in my day job. I design network based video and security systems and find my self speaking the geek with the IT folks. So I am slowly but surley catching on tto the trick and traps of the woodworking game.

Oh...frodoski is a legacy from my high school days.
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Hello kurt, welcome to the community, lots of information and members to learn from here. All you have to do is ask the questions and you'll surely get some answers.

Just curious, what company do you do your network security for?
Welcome to the forums Kurt. When ever you have a question, post it. No dumb questions here. Remember, even the experienced had to start somewhere, sometime. Be safe and enjoy.

the "Doctor"
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