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I'm new to the router world. I'm wondering what is the best router to purchase?
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Welcome Clarkedd, but now you've gone and done it :) ! The age old question, and a reasonable one, but you're gonna find very good and knowledgable craftsman here that will recommend PorterCable, Freud, Bosch, Dewalt, Ryobi, Hitachi, you name it ... each has their features that some swear by and others don't like - start by prerusing this thread:
Then do a search on here (at the top of the page) for "which router" and keep reading (for a couple years)!! Kidding aside, look at reviews, and threads here, but best is get out and get a feel for them at retailers - not tryin' to leave you hangin' but it depends on what you plan to do, whether in a table or not, large work, small work, etc, etc.
One thing I do know though - once you get one and get started, you're hooked! Study up a little - there's folks here that can answear specific questions about specific brands, so ask away!
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Hello clarkedd, welcome to the forums. Gilbear is right. You have to decide what you intend to do with the router. Hand held, or table, or both. Then go from there.

the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forums. Your first question is perhaps the most debated subject we have. I have used many routers and have achieved good results with all of them. The key to success is to get a router you are comfortable with and take time to be sure your set up is correct. Any router will disappoint you if your set up is off. My weapon of choice is the Bosch 1617. After you read up a bit and have the chance to try the feel in your hands let us know your choice. Don't make the mistake of buying a set of bits with lots of pieces for cheap. Spend your money on decent quality bits as you need them. You will find your money goes a lot further this way.
Welcome Clarkedd...looks like the members have started to answer your question. All that I can add is that you need to do is get your router and start with small projects. You want to build up to replacing the kitchen cabinets and not start with the Kitchen Cabinets. Hopefully our forum is helpful to finding your first router.

Good luck and we look forward to talking routers with you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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