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This little project just cropped up today as we were mounting the final camera on our IP system. Seems I drilled the hole in the wrong place. Because this was hard to get to in the attic I drilled the hole from outside. When I got into the attic and worked my way over to that corner I realized there was a short 2x4 brace preventing me from getting to the hole. So while I was stretched out on my stomach in the attic I had Sandy drill another hole (she's an amazing helper!!).

So now I have to fill the first hole. I suggested a Poplar dowel since I had a 1 1/8" and it fit perfectly. Sandy thought it was too long... women don't get it; I could have been finished and the dowel didn't seem like it would fall out. But, I digress.

Spent all of five minutes in Fusion 360 drawing a circle and creating a toolpath, then another five minutes to mount a piece of Western Red Cedar to the CNC spoilboard, and about 30 seconds to cut the piece. I beveled the leading edge on the belt sander (meaning this is a handmade item), grabbed the Titebond III, and put the plug in with the grain running in the correct direction (years and years of woodworking help in making those sort of on-the-fly decisions). The CNC was necessary to get this plug to within a thousandth of an inch for this critical application.

Here's the project in a nutshell -
Roof Wall Beam Ceiling Wood

Property House Siding Building Roof

Hardwood Wood Table Wood stain Tool accessory

Wood stain Drink

Wood stain Wood Ceiling Hardwood Roof

Ok, yes this is a little tongue in cheek about the 'high precision' and the need for CNC but it was very efficient time wise and turned out better than if I had used the bandsaw to make a plug. And I also see that we need to clean the mildew off and paint - ugh! Now how can I get the CNC to do that for me, I wonder? :grin:


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why didn't you make it a button and paint before you installed it..
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