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High Pressure Laminate

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Any one up on this subject?

Looking for places to buy it, any tricks to working with it, adhesives, experences?????

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Reible, sorry for the delayed response, hopefully you're still searching for the High Pressure Laminate. Anyway, I was browsing google earlier this evening and I discovered a website.

Let me know how it works out.
Here is a start. Maybe check out NEMA this is where the product standards come from and they have information on the following:

1) Application, Fabrication, and Installation. 2) Care and Cleaning of Laminates. 3) Perception of Scratches. 4) Wear Resistance Chart.

The NEMA link
Reible, I have used Wilsonart products in the past with good results. The solvent based contact cement is what I use. Google Wilsonart for a supplier hope this helps
I have had very good results using the water based contact cement. It goes on well with a paint roller and cleans up easily. Also there are no dangerous fumes.
high pressure decorative laminates

you can also select high pressure laminates at New Mika. This website contains wide range of textures.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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