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I notice you have all your information blocked so we don't know where you are located.

You will need a CAD package to draw the design.
You will need a Cam package to output code files for your machine.
You will need a control package to run the code files on your machine.

The big question is "what kind of projects do you want to make?".

You can use any drawing program for your design software (Cad), it really depends on what kind of projects you want to make. You don't say if you are looking for free software or are willing to pay for a good CAM/CAD package. There are plenty of free software packages available and the most powerful of them would be Fusion360, which might be a good choice with your engineering background. If you want user-friendly and are willing to pay for it I would recommend looking into Vectric software (they have trial versions available) or if you are willing to pay a monthly subscription cost Carveco would be worth looking into.

Looks like it should run on any of these control software packages:
Operating System with Software
KinetiC-NC, WINPC-NC, MACH3, EMC, Linux CNC:
Windows / Linux

That CNC should have included:
incl. Full Version 3D-Software CADCAM
ConstruCam-3D with
Postprocessor for Win PCNC and MACH3

Here are links to download the quick-start guide and the operating manuals:
They also have the German versions available on their site.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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