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Hello Everyone, I Am New to this forum, I Have an engineering background, from years ago,
I used to Programme in G codes, Now I Have bought this cnc router, It seems Even the Initial drawings are done on a cad software programme,
All I Want to do is create small items,
I am looking at this as a hobby, To keep my grey matter Ticking,
I have looked at some software, on cnc-step shop, but it needs a cad software,
can anyone, direct me in the right direction, for the cad software,
Many thanks
I would recommend trying Fusion360. Its a complete CAD/CAM application and free to hobbyists and start-ups. Its a sophisticated engineering design package but there are lots of tutorials on Youtube and has add-ins for most CNC control software. I use it with a Shaper Origin and is excellent for keeping the old grey ticking over.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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