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Just wanted to say hi to one and all,, I,m a fairly new woodworker.Had to retire 3 years ago do to health, so know i putter in the shop..Alittle about me,,I,m 48 now was a long haul trucker,,Now i make some cabinets and cubboards. My lastest project is making a big full size desk for my home office.I,m out of maine here. Is anyone going to post projects in here or is this all just about router working??? I use a router an awfull lot in my woodshop too.. THX Freman :D
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I don't recall anyone ever posting any detailed projects of there own but I have seen references to projects out of magazines/tv show/catalogs. You can also check the gallery for pictures of peoples projects and get some ideas..... and ask questions about routers or general woodworking..... can't promice someone will know the answers but if nothing else we can guess along with you on the real answer.....

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