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Do you unplug your router a lot? (Think safety)
Are your hands a little weaker then when you were younger?
Have you spent way to many hours on the computer and have RMS?

If so keep reading the rest of you go back to the forum.

What I found helps is making a short drop cord that I plug the router cord into and then "plug" the other end of the drop cord in and out.

Are you familiar with making drop cords that is; are do you know how to wire them?

Do you mind spending a few dollars to get the necessary parts?

If so keep reading the rest of you go back to the forum.

I get cord ends at a local hardware store and some heavy drop cord (18” is fine) and make my own. The cord ends I buy are a lot larger and a lot easier to plug in and out then the end that came with your router. Please view the attachment to see what I mean. And remember do not pull/tug on the cord; it is not designed to be used that way.

(In case you didn’t go back to the forum when told to, and if you want to do something like this check with the helpful people at a hardware store they can help you get the parts and tell you how to do the wiring.)



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