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Hitachi CB 75 Bandsaw

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Hello Everyone. I joined about a month ago and enjoy reading the daily questions and responses. I have a Hitachi Bandsaw model 3CB75 that has the 3 inch blade on it of Stellite, which is a form of carbide. It is dull and the new ones are ridiculous in cost. So I decided to see if I could add bearings as guides for the upper and the lower guides to replace the rubbing blocks the saw came with. I think I have it solved now and if any of you own one of these monster bandsaws or know of someone who does, I would be glad to share some crude engineering drawings of what I did to add the 6 bearings to work with a 3/4 inch blade. Just let me know. I used the existing structure on the saw to do this and it only takes some drilling and angle iron and a few other pieces of steel rods and square tubing.

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WW3; welcome!
you can post stuff from your own computer HD, just not links to the 'net, until you've reached 10's an anti-spam thing.
I don't personally own a BS but a LOT of the members do, and mods/improvements like yours are always of interest (for any equipment).
Welcome to the forum.
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