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dcarriere said:
I just recently bought a Hitachi M12v Router to go in my Router Workshop table. The bits (happened with a spiral and a rabbet bit) have a tendency to pop out of the collet when using a 1/4 inch collet. I don't have that problem when using the 1/2 collet. All of the slits are aligned on both the 1/4 inch insert collet and the 1/2 collet. I contacted Hitachi and they sent me another collet set. I still have the same problem.

I was wondering if there were anyone else with the same problem and if was possible to solve it.
My Hitachi is a few years old so maybe this is a new problem. I have never experienced it. (I usually use 1/2" shank bits but I do have a few 1/4" shafts. When you insert the bits are they a good friction fit in the 1/4" collet, and similarly is the 1/4" collet a reasonable friction fit in the 1/2" collet? Mine are both.

I am always careful to align the slots and insert bits the full length of the 1/4" collet and the 1/4" collet is fully buried in the 1/2" collet.
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