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I have very particular preferences for every power tool I use. (Tool snob). The Hitachi MV12 is the most powerful lightweight plunge router available. I love it because of these qualities. I am a luthier, and having power and lighter weight is a real plus when cutting cavities for tremolos, pickups and neck joints for guitars. I have a 1 1/2 hp Porter Cable that is heavier and has less visibility for precise routs which is suitable for a router table.

Unfortunately, I lent my Hitachi to a friend who clamped it into a vise as a makeshift router table, and the armature and windings shorted out. Hitachi redesigned this model, and it weighs 2 more pounds and looks like a Transformer toy. I am still trying to replace what was destroyed, but the going price is higher than my wallet's threshold. I will eventually find another and will never lend it out.

This is an amazing tool, probably not best suited to jobsites where they'd take a beating. But if you want cabinetry-exact routs, this is as good as it gets.

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