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Hitachi or MLCS?

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I want to get a router to leave in the router table. I have a Hitachi drill that I have been very pleased with so I was considering their M12V 15 amp, but also see where the MLCS Marvel looks to be a good value. Any thoughts on either of these for the table, or a better choice? Do I need one with that much HP or will a 2.25 be enough?
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Gordon, the Hitachi is what Bob and Rick used for many years. No question about it being a quality tool. In case you have missed all my other posts I am an avid supporter of the Bosch 1617. Go get your hands on one and you will see why. Craftsman model 26620 is Bosch built and very similar to the 1617. The Porter Cable 895 is rated as a tie for ease of switching bases. All of these are good choices, and 2-1/4HP is plenty unless you are a production shop. I have never seen the MLCS Marvel router. I do know the MLCS mounting plate is a knock off of the Rousseau plate, but it does not have the same features. Once you get your hands on these routers turn them over and check how easy it is to adjust the bit height, the way you will be adjusting when its table mounted. The bottom line is you are the one who has to be comfortable using any tool. Look for the best price on what you like. Let us know what you decide on.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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