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Hitachi Router Base

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I recently purchased a Hitachi KM12SC combo kit which I am really happy with. But I would like a second fixed base for a horizontal router table I'm planning to build. I've been watching EBAY but no luck so far. Does anyone know of a source.

Thanks Rusty
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I bought the same kit and have been searching for an extra plunge base with no luck. I also haven't been able to find the dust shroud attachment. Seems like lots of retailers are closing out the single speed Hitachi so I may just pick up another kit at some point.

Michael I got ahold of Hitachi thru there website. They will sell the fixed base direct for $70 but recomended that I check my local Lowes for a lower price. Hitachi's website does show the single speed kit as discontinued. I keep seeing the routers(single and variable speed)showing up on Ebay for what they get for the base. Spare base and spare moter might be the best way to go.

Hey Rusty, great minds think alike.
I had a feeling Hitachi would get $70 or more for the base. Heck you can get the whole router for $95 at Rockler and the kit with both bases for $110.

I haven't gone this route yet for 2 reasons;
I paid $88 at amazon for my kit so even $110 seems high
I can't afford a divorce (if I bring another router home)

But I'm thinking about it...

One more thing...
The KM12SC may be discontinued but it shares the same bases and accessories as the KM12VC (variable speed model) which is not discontinued. This model is currently on sale at Rockler for $140

(Disclaimer: I have no connection with Rockler, they just happen to have the cheapest price at the moment.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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